Sustainability Forum

The theme of this year's ASPiH conference is focusing on sustainability. In relation to simulation, sustainability can be considered to be those enhancements which this teaching technique can bring to the delivery of undergraduate or postgraduate training programmes or efficiencies and improved patient outcomes within clinical settings.

As part of the conference programme, there will be a sustainability forum in the main exhibition hall. This forum will explore the concept of sustainability under the sub- themes of Enhance, Share and Improve.

We invite Delegates and commercial partners to take the stage to share their ideas tips and information, see below session information.

Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 1030 – 1200hrs.
The Enhance theme will create a venue where delegates and commercial partners could share tips on how to get the most out of manikins, how to undertake periodic maintenance and how to ensure maximum return on investment in relation to the products they have purchased.

Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 1300 – 1430hrs.
The Share theme, will invite delegates and commercial partners to share how they have integrated national guidelines into simulation activities, how they have created solutions to common simulation centre challenges or to share expertise in programme design, research or innovation that will enrich the ASPiH community. Speakers will have three minutes to share their insights and two minutes for questions thereafter.

Wednesday Nov. 8th, 1100 – 1230hrs.
The Improve theme, will explore how the simulation community changes the dialogue in relation to how simulation is perceived as a high cost, high resource teaching technique. This theme will be led by members of the ASPiH Sustainability Special Interest Group which will drive this national work activity following this conference.

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