Conference Committees

ASPiH Conference is the major annual event that gathers ASPiH community and serves as a catalyst to new collaborations and approaches to simulation-based activities.

To accomplish the objectives of ASPiH Annual Conference, ASPiH EC delegates key activities in the Conference Committee and its two sub-committees: Scientific Committee and Organising Committee.


Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or suggestions!

Conference committee

Carla Sá Couto (Conference Director),

Colette Laws-Chapman (ASPiH President),

Kevin Stirling, 

Organising committee

Kevin Stirling (chair)

Colette Laws-Chapman (vice-chair)

Mike Morrow (vice-chair)

Robyn Stiger (associated member)

Mary Holding (associated member)

Charles Everard (associated member)


Scientific committee

Carla Sá Couto (EC Member)

Guillaume Alinier (EC Member)

Andy Buttery (EC Member, SIG Chair)

Sharon Weldon (EC Member, SIG Chair)

Colette Laws-Chapman (EC Member, SIG Chair)

Robyn Stiger (EC Member)

Lorraine Whatley (EC Member)

Naomi Shiner (associated member)

Jane Roome (EC Member)

Kevin Stirling (EC Member)

James Barber 

Charles Everard (EC Member)

Mary Holding (EC Member)

James Barber

Richard Goodwin         

Ratna Makker (EC Member)

Simon Edgar

Cathal Breen

Phil Gurnett

Beth Tennant