Conference Sponsorship & Exhibition 2023

Thank you to all our sponsors and exhibitors who supported ASPH Conference 2023.

Platinum Sponsors 2023

This year’s conference theme has been selected to help all of us focus on becoming more mindful of how we develop, use and succession plan within our healthcare simulation services.

We want to focus on sustainability to help support quality in simulation activity that enhances patient and team safety. This means we need to think about how we undertake service and learning needs analyses, how we plan our training and how invest in our resources including staff, patients and colleagues, networking and educational equipment and software. And how we build our knowledge base, through the use of simulation as a research tool.

We also want to give more time to thinking about how we sustain each other and how we best support one another and nurture progression for all staff. This can take many forms such as how we peer coach faculty, create new fellowships and apprenticeships and how we succession plan within our teams and organisations to provide excellent simulation activities.

Our aspiration is that we build on the recent expansion of accessibility, through the use of remote and distance methods to deliver simulation and the development of controlled-cost solutions to address the needs of low resource institutions and locations.

We anticipate that through translational methodology and embedding simulation activity beyond skills training to support behavioural change and systems improvement we can address more of the complex and intersectional issues, such as equality, diversity and inclusion which will further support sustainable workforce plans.

Sustainability also means exploring how we provide support and opportunities to ASPiH Members and to the wider healthcare simulation community including industry partnerships, from how we lead and promote inclusivity, to how we think about investment in continuing professional development and how we also provide the evidence for simulation.

And of course it’s about how we can reduce our carbon footprints in simulation activities, such as how we can re-use kit safely, or  how we can share resources including scenarios and equipment.

The really exciting part is that you are invited to join us through abstract submissions to share your work, and by attending and joining in the conference events including our keynote presentations and breakout sessions. The conference content and discussions will shape additional conversations that will form future healthcare simulation practices amongst our ASPiH network and beyond.

Thank you for considering sponsoring the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare. In 2019 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and we have a strong history of supporting, and being supported by, our corporate sponsors. In 2021 we are widened our focus from the national conference to a year-long sequence of events including webinars and twitterchats. We are also offering sponsorship opportunities for the ASPiH website, newsletter, and more.

We hope to offer a sponsorship package for everyone, from international companies to local start-ups. We therefore have large (platinum, gold, silver) packages covering the conference and year-round content and smaller packages covering specific parts of the conference or year-round events.

We are always happy to have a chat to see if there’s opportunities that you are able to offer our members that we have not considered.

We hope you will find a package that suits you to engage with our growing membership in these challenging times when we know that simulation will form a growing part of training, skills maintenance and patient safety in the coming decades.

Thanks in advance for your support,

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The ASPiH members really value the annual conference, and see it as a vital benefit to their membership.

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●Meet and network with practitioners who are key players, influencers and decision makers in simulation-based education and training.
●Be seen alongside your industry peers and competitors to confirm your organisation’s status in the simulated-based education market place.
●Take a prime position at the largest gathering of simulation-based education and technology enhanced learning professionals in the UK.

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