ASPiH Conference 2024

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

3rd - 5th November 2024


The secretary of ASPiH, Kevin Stirling discusses the concept of transformative simulation with Sharon Weldon, the president elect of ASPiH. Sharon is a pioneer in the field of transformative simulation and this short video gives an overview of this concept and what to expect at the 15th ASPiH Annual conference.

There are seven categories which come under the umbrella term of transformative simulation, these are listed below. You can click the umbrella to access the full article which Sharon and her colleagues published in the International Journal of Simulation in Healthcare.

Transformative Simulation
A simulation paradigm shift that focuses on Innovation, Improvement, Interventions, Involvement, Identification, Inclusion and Influence.
As we enter our 15th year as the Association for Simulation Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH), we are moving into a new era where the focus of simulation practices in transforming patient and staff safety and experience is becoming the norm and not the exception. The application of simulation to explore systems thinking, identify and analyse problems, influence organisational behaviours, engage patients and stakeholders, and collectively develop new innovative care interventions, is gaining momentum and evidence.
These ground-breaking applications of simulation can be considered to be Transformative Simulation as they aim to Innovate, Improve, Intervene, Involve, Identify, Include and Influence the delivery and experience of healthcare, and enhance the practice of teams in health and social care settings.
The emerging horizon of Transformative Simulation require a dedicated platform for the sharing of successes, local expertise, and experts to amplify their voices, fostering an environment where knowledge is not only shared but actively built upon and collaboratively expanded. This year, ASPiH will engage with regulators, educational bodies, commercial partners, patients and colleagues to provide an innovative, equitable and sustainable conference. We continue to strive for equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability and hope that ASPiH 2024 is not only a year to celebrate ASPiH’s achievements, but one that forms solid foundations for the next 15 years of the Association and for simulation practices in health and care.
We extend a warm invitation for you to join us in Edinburgh for this exciting opportunity to explore, learn and embed Transformative Simulation into your practices.


Colette Laws-Chapman
President 2023-25


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